Storage Solutions for When Your Senior Parent Is Moving

When a senior parent moves out of their home, the transition is often both emotionally and physically difficult. Whether the parent is moving in with you, one of your siblings, or to an old age home, one of the challenges you will face is where to store all of your senior parent’s belongings.

Storage Solutions for When Your Senior Parent Is Moving

Some of the furniture you may be able to sell. Others, however, may have a special significance, either to your or to your parent. You are then faced with the task of finding a safe and secure home for these possessions.

A simple solution would be to rent a storage unit. When looking for such a unit, you want one that is spacious, secure, clean and is managed by a friendly and courteous staff.

At Party Barn Self Storage, you will find competitively priced storage units that fit all of the above-mentioned qualifications. All of our units are enclosed in a gated compound to provide an added measure of security and to make sure that you can store your parent’s belongings with peace of mind. The gates are computerized and are designed to provide you with the convenience you are looking for. There is no need to purchase a lock — we provide them for you.

Transferring your precious items to the storage units should not be an issue. The storage facilities have wide lanes and are easily accessible by truck.

If your senior parent is moving, don’t fret over what to do with their precious possessions — contact us today.

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