Talking with Your Partner and Children about Extra Storage

Unless you live alone, you’ll probably need to talk with your loved ones to find solutions for extra storage that work for your family. Effective communications can help bridge the divide between different shopping and housekeeping styles. Here are some tips for encouraging collaboration with your partner and children.

Talking with Your Partner and Children about Extra Storage

General Tips:

Actions speak louder than words. Clean up your own clutter and pick out which of your possessions you’re going to put in storage before you start commenting on the rest of the family. Stay positive. Show your appreciation for any efforts to put your home in order, and celebrate your progress. It also helps to appeal to the other person’s self-interests. Maybe your spouse would love to free up some additional space in the garage or your kids are excited about redecorating their bedrooms once you settle your storage needs.

Tips for Talking with Your Partner:

Aim to be flexible and nonjudgmental. Like many relationship issues, it helps if you’re both willing to give and take. Respect each other’s views even when your priorities may differ. Maybe you’re conscientious about keeping those important family documents you might need someday. Maybe your partner doesn’t want to let go of various collectibles with sentimental or financial value.

Tips for Talking with Your Children:

Try to turn the storage process into a game, and give your children choices. They’re likely to be more enthusiastic and cooperative if they’re having fun and feel like they have a voice in the process. Let them pick a different color label for each family member’s boxes. Sort toys into categories and ask them to make the final selection for what goes into your storage unit.

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