The Benefits of Self-Storage Over Basement Storage

The benefits of self-storage at a professional storage facility far outweigh the immediate convenience of basement storage. Let’s see why.

The Benefits of Self-Storage Over Basement Storage

Basement Storage Cons

The cons of basement storage include:

  • Moisture
  • Mold
  • Dirt
  • Bugs, Spiders & Rodents

Most basements have some amount of all of these aspects, which can in turn damage your boxes and your items. Bugs and animals can also create homes in your storage, and when you move your stored items into your home or new home, you’re likely to carry the infestation to your primary living spaces. Even cleaning the outside of your boxes or bins can create a hassle when you’re ready to unpack the items.

Off-Site Self-Storage Benefits

Storage facilities offer clean environments that are free of moisture, bugs, spiders, and other things that might get into your basement, such as rodents. Storing off-site effectively protects your items from infestations, mold, and dirt.

Other things to consider:

  • Items such as paper and fabrics definitely will not hold-up well with prolonged basement storage.
  • Items with many details and groves or light colors may become dirty and very difficult to clean.
  • Items may become discolored and unable to return to their original state prior to storage.

While basement storage may appear to be cheaper at first, it’s not cheaper than losing and replacing items that are damaged as a result of being in your basement. In addition, some things, such as keepsakes, are completely irreplaceable. Off-site storage is not expensive and can reasonably fit into most budgets.

While you may have easy access to items in your basement, the threat of disorganization is much higher in basement storage. You’re more likely to go rummaging around in boxes, or change your mind about storing something in the first place.

When placed out of your home, you have peace of mind that you’ve chosen the right things to store — and stay in storage — until you’re truly ready to unpack them.

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