Three Ways to Make the Most out of a Smaller Storage Unit

If you will be renting out a storage unit, picking a unit that is just large enough for your items can help you save money, but might be tough to organize. Having a game plan before you start stacking boxes and furnishings in your unit can help you maximize this space, and hopefully even have a little room left over. Here are three tips for getting all of your items in a smaller storage unit.

Three Ways to Make the Most out of a Smaller Storage Unit

1. Think Through Space-Saving Set-ups

If you will be storing awkwardly shaped items or large furnishings, how you get these into your storage unit can make all of the difference. If your unit has a taller ceiling, consider stacking tables or turning couches up on one side to maximize your space. Make sure to store boxes under tables and chairs and utilize desk and drawer spaces to store smaller items where you can.

2. Strategize Where Your Items are in Your Unit

If you will be accessing your storage unit here and there over time, you aren’t going to want to put items you might need, like a bike or other seasonal equipment, in the back of your unit. Pack in rarely used items in the back of your unit first, and clear up the front space for items you might grab from time to time, such as holiday decorations or sports equipment.

3. A Step Ladder is Your Friend

Invest in a step ladder for your storage unit that you can keep in your space. This way, you can stack boxes and items safely. By keeping a ladder nearby, you can always grab items easily that you have tucked away higher up that free up more space.

Storage units can be a lifesaver either for your short-term or long-term needs. If you are about to pack a lot of items into a smaller storage unit, having a game plan can make all of the difference. If you are looking for the perfect storage facility to fit your needs, contact us to help.

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