Use Self Storage When Your Kids Go Off to College

When your kids go off to college, but their rooms stay behind, you might want to start looking into a self storage unit so you can use that space for you. Party Barn Self Storage is a competitively priced, pristine self storage center in Wylie, Texas. We have units that will hold the contents of your children’s bedrooms until they are ready to come claim them.

Use Self Storage When You Kids Go Off to College

Perhaps you have found yourself in the situation where your children are grown, you are an empty nester, but many of their belongings have stayed behind. Your son’s room is full of rock band posters, movies, action figures, and sports gear. Your daughter’s room is full of stuffed animals, boy-band memorabilia, cheap makeup, and prom dresses. You could be using those rooms as a weight room and a painting studio. Don’t let your hobbies be stifled by your kid’s old things. You can box them up and wait until they are ready to sort through them and part with some of their old memories.

If your children went to live in the dorms, chances are they aren’t taking much of the furniture from their room. You want to hold onto it for when they get a place of their own, but don’t want it taking up space at your house. And what about those boxes and boxes of all the art projects, spelling tests, and research papers you saved? You can get the right size self storage unit for all of these things.

Contact us at Party Barn Self Storage today to get a storage unit for you kid’s things. When they see how happy you are using your new weight set and craft room, they will forgive you.

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