Vintage Linen Collectors: A Self-Storage Unit Is The Answer

Do you collect vintage linens? Many people do and as a consequence, they may end up with more than their fair share. So what’s a vintage textile collector got to do when his or her cache becomes too large for the home? Why invest in self-storage solutions of course! At Party Barn Self Storage, our units are perfect places to store vintage textiles and here’s why:

Clean and Dry

Ask any serious, vintage textile collector and they’re apt to tell you one thing. Linens must be kept unstarched, clean, dry and wrapped in acid-free tissue paper. Our air-tight, self-storage units are kept very dry and clean. So there is less chance moisture and insects will get in to destroy your vintage linens.

Vintage Linen Collectors: A Self-Storage Unit Is The Answer

Room to Hang Out

In addition, there is room inside of the units to hang the linens up or store them in portable containers. This is important given how stress can easily destroy delicate fabrics. And we know that each collector has his or her favorite method of self-storage. So don’t be shy about asking our staff which units are best suited to your preferred method of preserving linens.

Let There Be Light

Also, bear in mind that our self-storage facility is lit at night but not in a way that would negatively impact items within the units. As such, your vintage linens would also be protected from excessive light too. And yes, once inside the units there are ways to receive as much light as needed for collectors to go through their vintage linen collections. After all, we know eventually you’ll want to show them off to others or prepare for antique linen sales.

Ready, Set, Sale!

If you plan to take the antique linens to shows or auctions, there is one other thing you must know. Our gated facility is accessible always. So you can get in and add or subtract to your vintage linen collection anytime. To learn more about placing vintage textiles into self-storage and the benefits therein, please contact us today.

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