What Happens to the Boxes in your Attic Storage?

Texas is hot, and everyone knows it. Even inside, the climate can switch between devastatingly hot and dry to miserably humid. If you keep a lot of old heirlooms and records stored in your attic, it’s time to take them down and shift them into self-storage. Here’s why:

What Happens to the Boxes in your Attic Storage?

1. Attics trap a lot of heat.

That heat can make your valuables start to break down. Old photographs will start to curl in the humid heat, especially if they’re stored next to your air conditioner. They can also start to fade, even without direct exposure to UV radiation. Wicker furniture, wooden trinkets, and quilts or old doilies also fare poorly in the heat, no matter what you store them in.

2. Hail storms let in water and cause damage.

The DFW area has already had multiple hail storms this summer, and your roof isn’t out of danger yet. If your roof is damaged by hail, it’s not just your insulation and your ceilings that can get hit by water damage. All of your irreplaceable antiques and records can start to rot or get ruined. A storage unit offers better protection from the impact damage and the rain that follows.

3. It’s hard to keep track of what you have.

Attics aren’t the most accessible of places. Not only do you have to precisely place the boxes on the beams, but you also have to step gingerly from beam to beam to reach them. That’s just dangerous. It also makes it difficult to sort through the boxes to find the heirloom you need for a special occasion or the photo you forgot to dig out for the next family reunion. Store them in an easy-to-access unit where you can spread everything out and reach all of the boxes without gymnastics.

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