Why Landlords Need Furniture Storage

If you’re a landlord, renting furniture storage could make your job easier, and help you make more money. Managing one or more properties presents you with many challenges to deal with from late rent payments to excessive noise complaints. With local storage, you’ll be able to get at least one potentially difficult situation resolved:

Why Landlords Need Furniture Storage

Attract Good Tenants: Many landlords have to weigh the pros and cons of offering furnished or unfurnished units. Given that tenants will usually pay higher rents for furnished units and you may enjoy some extra tax deductions due to your investment, you may prefer that option. However, you may also not want to miss out on a good tenant who prefers to bring their own bed and couch instead of using yours. With furniture storage, you can rent a unit to them, and keep your items at our facility until they are needed again.

Keep up with Turnover: Keeping your units rented may require you to be flexible, especially if you offer short term leases. With a local storage unit you can keep your furniture accessible. That way you’ll be prepared to get your apartment ready for whatever arrangements and move in dates your tenants prefer. Maybe you’ll have someone who will choose your apartment over another property because you can quickly provide a bedroom set for their children or outdoor furniture they want for entertaining.

Prevent Damages: While furnished units may be more profitable, you may also be exposing yourself to a higher risk of damages. If you have some furniture that you don’t want to take chances with, you can keep it secure in a storage unit so that you don’t have to worry about what your tenants might do to it.

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