Why Tenants Want Landlords to Use Local Storage

Is it okay for a landlord to store items in a property they’re renting to tenants? While it might be legal in some cases, there are better alternatives. See why local storage is a better deal for you and your tenants.

Why Tenants Want Landlords to Use Local Storage

Prevent Awkwardness:

You might think that you’re being reasonable by asking your tenants if it’s okay to store some of your items in their rental property. Maybe you even incorporated a clause to that effect into their lease. However, your tenants might be reluctant to tell you that they don’t want your stuff in their space because they’re worried about how it could affect your relationship. Would you be slower to make repairs if they turn you down?  Plus, many people don’t like to engage in any conflict so you might lose good tenants if they decide to live elsewhere without letting you know what turned them off.

Increase Accessibility:

Even if your tenants are happy to let you leave your stuff with them, how are you going to get to it? Will you contact them in advance each time you need access? It could become an ongoing irritation, and you may not be able to retrieve your things if you need them late at night or anytime your tenants go away on vacation or business. With local storage, you could have 24/7 access, and you won’t have to coordinate your schedule with anybody else.

Stay Safe:

You may run into all kinds of complications if your tenants damage the things you’re storing or they pose a possible safety hazard to your tenants. Using local storage would simplify your interactions, and a professional storage facility will probably provide safer conditions for your valuables.

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