Worried About Storing Your Electronics?

Storing your electronics in a storage unit can be a great option if you are running out of space at home, but are not ready to get rid of some of your belongings. These electronics can vary from extra office supplies to classic video game consoles that you can’t part with. Whatever the case may be, there’s no reason to avoid using a self-storage unit if you need the extra space.

Worried About Storing Your Electronics?

Added Security for Storage Facility

If you’re worried about storing your belongings due to security concerns, there’s no need when you rent a unit at a facility with gated access. By having a locked gate that only employees and tenants have access to, it can help keep out people who may pose a threat to the contents of your storage unit.

Easy to Get In and Out

While a locked gate may seem like it makes it harder to reach your belongings put into storage, this shouldn’t be the case in most situations. With gated access, you should have a pin number that you can enter to get into the storage facility for added safety.

Party Barn Storage

To make the moving and storage experience as as easy as possible we typically include a lock with your storage unit and even wide lane access for trucks. A few other benefits include computerized gate access to enclosed lighted grounds. Year round gate access is also provided along with convenient office hours.

Contact us if you’re interested in storing your electronics and are concerned about security.

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