Your Solution for Extra Storage When Life Happens

Unplanned life events can create a sudden need for extra storage. After finding solutions for the people involved, the next question is what to do with the stuff involved. When challenging circumstances arise, self-storage can be a great solution when you need extra storage.

Your Solution for Extra Storage When Life Happens

An Ailing Loved One Can’t Live Alone

As boomers age, many families have an older family member whose failing health makes living alone difficult or unsafe. If your loved one comes to live with you, you may need extra storage for the items you’re removing to make room for your new resident. Perhaps it’s your loved one who doesn’t want to get rid of their sentimental possessions that are too large for your home. Self-storage can give your loved one time to find a permanent home for those prized items.

You’ve Eloped

Congratulations! Challenging situations aren’t always connected to negative events. You and your romantic partner decided to skip the long engagement and get married right away. During your whirlwind romance, the conversation about combining your stuff didn’t happen. And there’s not enough room for two households of stuff. A storage unit can provide extra storage until the two of you decide how to handle your stuff.

An Adult Child Returns Home

Once your child rented that first apartment, you didn’t think you’d ever share a roof with your offspring again. You’re glad you’re in a position to help your child during their time of difficulty. The only thing is you’ve turned their old bedroom into a storage area for your favorite hobby. Where are you going to put your supplies? A 5X10 unit may provide the extra storage you require.

Your Extra Storage Solution

Party Barn Self Storage has units in various sizes to meet your extra storage needs. Contact us today for more information.

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