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3 Must-Haves for Great Self-Storage in Wylie

If you’ve decided it’s time to find a self-storage facility in Wylie for all your extra gear, then you’ll want to find the best space for your money. Not all self-storage facilities are created equal, nor do they charge the same amount for the same space. But cost shouldn’t be the only factor that you take into consideration when shopping around for storage space. Here are three must-have amenities you should look for when searching for great self-storage.

3 Must-Haves for Great Self-Storage in Wylie

Does Your Texas Self-Storage Offer These Great Perks?

Year Round Access

You don’t want to be locked out of your stuff because someone went on vacation. The right self-storage facility will offer year-round access to your items so you can get them when you need them. This might happen through computerized access gates, which offer security without having to call ahead.

Plenty of Security

When you put your stuff in storage, you are trusting the facility to protect them for you until you need them again. That’s why the facility you choose should put an emphasis on safety and security. Look for surveillance cameras, on-site staff, and secure keypad entry. You should feel safe visiting the site, too, because it’s not just your stuff that should be safe.

Convenient Location

Self-storage isn’t convenient if you have to drive long distances out of your way just to access your stuff. The facility that you choose should be well-positioned so you can easily reach it throughout the year. That way it’s more convenient to store your items while still getting to them when you need them.

Party Barn Self Storage Offers All of This and More

If you want all these benefits in your Wylie self-storage, then Party Barn may be the perfect solution! Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our convenient self-storage location and how to reserve a space that’s right for you.

The Joy of a Storage Unit for Marie Kondo Fans

Just as people were making their New Years Resolutions, Netflix kicked off 2019 with the release of the new Netflix show, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. The show’s popularity is largely centered around its relatability to diverse audiences. Most people can benefit from being a bit more organized and declutter their space.

The Joy of a Storage Unit for Marie Kondo Fans

Who is Marie Kondo?

Marie Kondo is a well-known author and Japanese organizing consultant. Her theory for cleaning house, known as the KonMari method, focuses on the process of decluttering by gathering all items together, one category at a time, and then going through each item individually to determine those things that bring joy to the owner. Whether clothes or books, the idea is to go through every single item and determine its value to the owner.

How can a storage unit help in bringing joy?

While many people have found freedom and stress-relief in following the KonMari method, it is not a one-size-fits-all option as there are many approaches to cleaning house. Whatever the methods or reasons for wanting to declutter, renting a storage unit can provide a fast and easy solution for removing items from your space in the near term so that you can focus on what is most important. You may want to store those items that you have decided don’t bring joy until you can figure out what to do with the clutter. On the flip side, it may also be a smart idea to get a storage unit for preserving those items that do bring joy yet it may not be the right time for them to be in your current space.

A storage unit also provides opportunities for you to use the space to explore things that make you joyful. Make a second library, build your own gym, or stretch your creative muscles. Organize your crafts and hobbies. All of the contents will be safe from the elements in a climate-controlled environment.

If you find yourself decluttering your home after binge-watching Marie Kondo’s new show, then consider renting a storage unit to help in enjoying a more joyful, stress-free space. Contact us to learn more about how you can claim your storage unit today!

Storage for Every Season

We Texans love to make a statement and holidays provide us with a perfect outlet to do so. Beyond the big ones we tend to celebrate our own slew of big days as well. From the first day of football season to Cinco De Mayo margaritas in conjunction with a big backyard BBQ, it is fun to be … “That house on the block.”

Storage for Every Season

From the red and white banner of Independence Day to the spooky ghosts dangling from your trees on Halloween you never fail to decorate culminating with strings of colorful Christmas lights installed and fired up right on cue before the Thanksgiving turkey is even cold. Yes, it’s fun to have the one house people in the neighborhood take the long way around just to drive by and check out. Or the focal point of the backyard bash know for the coldest Shiner and most savory brisket. Either way storage for every season is of the essence.

Here We Go Again

But, wow, can decorating be exhausting, time consuming, and cumbersome. If you are of the organized nature, you have stacks of nicely labeled plastic tubs and containers that must be shuffled around in the attic or garage so you can pull out the pink hearts you hang on the porch for Valentine’s Day and the cute little cupid figurines that sit on the mantle. If you are unorganized decorating quickly becomes a time-consuming treasure hunt.

There is a Better Way

From storage bins to inflatables, to awkwardly shaped reindeer lights we amass a lot of seasonal stuff that sits around unused taking up space in our house for eleven months of the year. By the time we again need to access these items they have been shuffled and punched behind almost a year’s worth of life’s flotsam and jetsam. Remember the time the Dallas Cowboy flag somehow fell into the box of luau decorations for the end of summer pool party and you spent all day Saturday and part of Sunday before finding it right before kickoff? Don’t repeat that mistake.

The Party Barn in Wylie, Texas can simplify all of this with a self storage unit that will safely keep all of your stuff out of the way until you need it. Knowing exactly where all of your seasonal decorations are will save you valuable time and space so contact us today to discuss the perfect sized unit to fit your needs.

Talking with Your Partner and Children about Extra Storage

Unless you live alone, you’ll probably need to talk with your loved ones to find solutions for extra storage that work for your family. Effective communications can help bridge the divide between different shopping and housekeeping styles. Here are some tips for encouraging collaboration with your partner and children.

Talking with Your Partner and Children about Extra Storage

General Tips:

Actions speak louder than words. Clean up your own clutter and pick out which of your possessions you’re going to put in storage before you start commenting on the rest of the family. Stay positive. Show your appreciation for any efforts to put your home in order, and celebrate your progress. It also helps to appeal to the other person’s self-interests. Maybe your spouse would love to free up some additional space in the garage or your kids are excited about redecorating their bedrooms once you settle your storage needs.

Tips for Talking with Your Partner:

Aim to be flexible and nonjudgmental. Like many relationship issues, it helps if you’re both willing to give and take. Respect each other’s views even when your priorities may differ. Maybe you’re conscientious about keeping those important family documents you might need someday. Maybe your partner doesn’t want to let go of various collectibles with sentimental or financial value.

Tips for Talking with Your Children:

Try to turn the storage process into a game, and give your children choices. They’re likely to be more enthusiastic and cooperative if they’re having fun and feel like they have a voice in the process. Let them pick a different color label for each family member’s boxes. Sort toys into categories and ask them to make the final selection for what goes into your storage unit.

At Party Barn Self Storage in Wylie Texas, you’ll find the best options for all your family’s extra storage needs. Contact us today to find out more about our clean and competitively priced self storage units.

Keeping A Child Safe When Visiting A Storage Unit

If you need to rent a storage unit to hold your valuables, and you intend on visiting your allotted space with a child in tow, their safety while on the premises among your treasures is of the utmost concern. There are several steps you can take to help keep your youngster safe when something needs to be retrieved from your storage unit. Here are some points to consider.

Keeping A Child Safe When Visiting A Storage Unit

Keep One Area Clear

It is wise to reserve a portion of your unit for your child to wait for you when you need to look for something inside of the space. Keeping the front area completely clear of clutter allows for your child to have a safe resting area when you need to search for something within the confines of the unit.

Use Storage With Drive-Up Parking

Renting a storage unit with the capability to drive up to the doorway allows you to see your child from the inside of the unit while they wait inside your vehicle. If this is not possible, make sure to rent a unit in a location with security measures in place on the property. This will keep you, your child, and your belongings safe.

Use Tape To Show Designated Walking Areas

Before you place items inside your unit, use colored masking tape on the floor to indicate the safe areas for your child to stand or walk. Making walkways from tape will help to keep your child out of the way of stacked items, keeping them in a safe spot during a visit.

Provide Interesting Items To Investigate

If you have a younger child, curiosity about the items inside your unit is sure to pique their interest. To help keep your child busy, set aside one portion of the unit with items they are allowed to look during visits. They will be likely to hone in on this area during subsequent trips to revisit items they do not see often.

If you are ready to rent a unit, or if you have questions about security measures in place on our property, contact us to speak to a representative. We look forward to keeping your belongings, and those who come to view them, safe.

Declutter Your Home by Utilizing Self Storage

You may have heard about self storage already, and you may even be interested in the overall idea. However, if your knowledge about it only goes that far, then you owe it to yourself to learn more! Self storage can be very beneficial, and for more than the most obvious reasons.

Declutter Your Home by Utilizing Self Storage


Here are three reasons why you need to use self storage.

  • You Can Free Up Existing Clutter: We all have that infamous “pile” somewhere in the house. Maybe it’s in the laundry room. You know, that big pile of clothes you’ve been meaning to exercise your way back in to, or give away to charity. You just can’t decide which is the better idea. Putting them in self storage will get them out of the way, at least until you can either wear them again or bear to part with them. Other piles might also exist in the “man-cave”, the kids rooms or the dining room. If you’ve ever had to move something you don’t need, to get to something you need, then you probably have a “pile”.
  • It’s a Great Place To Store Holiday Decorations: If you happen to be one of the many people who enjoy nothing more than extensive decorating for the holidays–all of them–then taking advantage of self storage is a great opportunity for you. Not only will it keep the clutter down inside your home, you will know exactly where those decorations are when you need them again!
  • You Don’t Trust Other People To Pack Your Things: When it comes to personal items, no matter what they are, many people don’t trust others to handle them. If this applies to you, self storage is the perfect answer. It is a completely do-it-yourself service and you never have to worry about anything happening to your belongings.

For more information on how self storage may be beneficial to your own unique needs, be sure to contact us at your convenience! We look forward to assisting you today!

4 Reasons to Use A Wylie, TX Storage Company

When you start running out of room in your home to store your belongings, you may get creative to come up with optimal storage solutions. Eventually, you may exhaust your storage options even after doing everything that you can to maximize the storage capacity inside your house.

To alleviate this problem, you should rent a storage unit in Wylie, TX. Although you will find many storage properties on a local Wylie map, you will benefit from picking Party Barn Self Storage for several reasons.

4 Reasons to Use A Wylie, TX Storage Company

Item Transportation

Putting a few boxes in your car and bringing them to a storage unit is a simple task that should not create any problems. But, when you intend on transporting oversized items, you may be okay with reduced road vision and possessions sticking out of your trunk and windows.

By picking a nearby storage unit, you will minimize how far you need to travel to put these items in storage. This will minimize the extra risk that you take when transporting large belongings.


Although you could go on a 20 to 30-minute drive to rent a storage unit that provides great value, you may run into complications when trying to access your items in an emergency. You can pick up seasonal items or important documents in a matter of minutes when they are needed.


Being able to walk, bike, or drive a couple minutes to reach the storage property can give you a lot of relief. Another benefit that comes from being so close to your storage unit is not having to worry so much about the operating hours and showing up to the facility as it is closing.

Vehicle Costs

When you pick a storage complex that is far away from your home, you will end up spending more on fuel and putting extra wear and tear on your vehicle with every trip that you take.

Contact us if you have any questions about our storage property.

Maximize Your Storage Space with the Right Box

As you accumulate items it is always handy to just pack them in whatever box is sturdy enough or seems the right size. But, when it comes time to pack for self-storage, picking the right box ensures that your belongings will stay clean, dust free, and easy to access.

Maximize Your Storage Space with the Right Box

Consider Your Needs

A little common sense will help you figure out what you need. Pack heavy items such as tools in sturdy boxes designed for books. Bulky but lightweight items such as quilts and coverlets can be stowed in larger boxes. Flat rectangular boxes are great for documents, fine linens or Christmas ornaments. Wardrobe boxes allow your clothes to hang neatly, as they would in your closet. Whether you choose cardboard or plastic boxes is up to you and your budget.

Get Your Boxes Ready

To efficiently pack a storage unit pick two sizes of boxes to make them easy to stack. Next, measure the storage space and calculate how many of your boxes will fit into it. This will also prevent wasted space and you can fit more in the unit. It will also make it easier to create neat aisles that allow you to move around and see everything you have.

Make sure the boxes are clean before you pack them. You don’t want to be responsible for bringing insects or mildew into your storage space. Plan to attach labels and lists, fragile stickers or other labels on the boxes so you remember what you have.

Packing Tips

When you pack your boxes, they should be completely filled, but not stuffed hard. If there is room at the top add crumpled paper to cushion the items when you stack the boxes. When you place them in the storage area, set them on pallets to keep them off of the floor. This will allow for air circulation and prevent mildew from growing.

For more information about renting a clean, secure and convenient self storage space, please contact us.

The Local Storage Solution for when Your HOA Bans Temporary Structures

Maybe you were planning to store your extra possessions in a shed or portable garage, but you just found out that your HOA bans all kinds of temporary structures. Local storage may be an affordable and effective solution for taking care of your needs and making your relationship with your HOA more pleasant and less stressful.

The Local Storage Solution for when Your HOA Bans Temporary Structures

Save money: RVs and boats aren’t the only items that HOAs restrict when it comes to storing them on your property. If your storage structure violates the rules, you could be facing fines or even legal action. By contrast, our local storage is very reasonably priced. You can pick a unit sized to fit your current needs and move to a different sized unit if your plans change, so long as the unit size you want is available at our facility. That way you’re only paying for the space you really need.

Build good will: Maybe you could dispute your HOA’s rules on temporary structures, but it may not be worth the effort regardless of the outcome. Your relationships with your HOA and your neighbors are probably more important than any one issue, especially when you have a reasonable alternative like local storage available.

Store your things: Best of all, local storage will take care of your primary goal, which is storing your items safely and maintaining access to them. In fact, your belongings will probably enjoy greater cleanliness and security than you could provide at home and with less work on your part. Plus, local storage means you can get to your items almost as easily as you could on your own property, especially considering our year round gate access and convenient office hours.

If you’re searching for local storage in Wylie, Texas, contact us at Party Barn Self Storage. We are committed to providing exceptionally clean and competitively priced self storage units.

Does your Homeowners or Renters Insurance Cover Offsite Storage?

Whether you are in the process of moving from one location to another, or if you simply need some temporary offsite storage access, whatever possessions you store in an offsite location are still important to you.  In this post, we will discuss the do’s and the don’ts of keeping your offsite possessions safe, even if the worst should happen.

Does your Homeowners or Renters Insurance Cover Offsite Storage?

Transitioning to a New Location

Many times homeowners have sold their previous home, but are either waiting for their new home to be built or they are simply still in the process of searching for the perfect new home.  It’s difficult if not impossible, for families to fit an entire household of possessions in a cramped, temporary living space such as an apartment or trailer.  Initially, it might be tempting to try to save a few dollars by going without insurance for a short period of time.  However, in scenarios such as these it is always a good idea to take out a renters insurance policy.  Look around for a renters insurance policy that not only covers the possessions you currently have with you, but will also cover the contents of any offsite storage units you rent.  If the worst should happen and any of your possessions are destroyed by fire, flooding or theft, you can rest easy knowing you have a backup plan.

Long Term Storage

Sometimes homeowners and renters need offsite storage for the foreseeable future.  Check your homeowners or renters insurance policy to see if the policy covers offsite storage units.  As with any insurance policy, don’t forget to look at the details of the policy.  If you are storing expensive items offsite for a long period of time, it’s a good idea to periodically check the limits of coverage for these items to ensure you will be adequately compensated in the event you need to make an insurance claim.  Also, be sure to check whether your storage contents are covered by a cash-value policy or a replacement cost policy.  A cash-value policy will only reimburse the depreciated value of your damaged items, whereas a replacement-cost policy will reimburse the cost of the items using today’s prices.

If you would like to know more about how to protect your offsite storage contents, please contact us!