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Self Storage Tips for Moving on a Tight Deadline

If there’s anything more challenging than moving to a new home, it’s dealing with such a major transition in a short time frame. When you have no time to lose, self storage can help make a quick move easier for you and your loved ones.

Self Storage Tips for Moving on a Tight Deadline

Cut Down on Decision Making:

Making big decisions can be stressful even under ordinary circumstances. You’ll feel better if you can identify your top priorities and table other issues for later. If sorting through everything you own in less than 30 days is too much, put some items in storage to deal with another day. For example, store most of your furniture. It could be a smart move, especially for long distance moves. Housing styles and tastes can differ dramatically in various parts of the country, and it’s hard to tell what will work in your new abode. Take the pieces you’re sure of and finalize the rest of your arrangements when you have a better feel for what you’ll need. You may save a lot of money by keeping items that you would otherwise have to replace or not moving stuff you won’t use.

Take a Gradual Approach:

Bring the items you need for daily living and put the rest into a self storage unit. It will be easier to deal with the busy first days in your new home without boxes underfoot that you may not have time to unpack for a while. Plus, less clutter is good for your peace of mind and the safety of your family.

Ask for Help:

You don’t have to manage your move alone so rely on family, friends, and professionals. Let people know what they can do to help. Assign appropriate tasks to each family member. Whether you’re moving for a new job or a family situation, you need adequate support to help you through a demanding time.

Contact us at Party Barn Self Storage in Wylie, Texas today. Our clean, affordable storage units with gated access can make any move more pleasant and convenient.

Questions to Ask When Decluttering for the Big Move

A new move is the time for a fresh start. There’s no better way to make a clean beginning than by decluttering with a self storage. Even so, the task may seem daunting if you are a hoarder or have not moved in a while. If you don’t quite know where to begin, try asking yourself these questions:

Questions to Ask When Decluttering for the Big Move

#1. Do I have a need for this item where I am going?

Maybe you are moving to a different climate zone and can do without certain seasonal gear. Perhaps your relocation from the country to a city apartment means you no longer need patio furniture or a barbecue grill. Don’t get trapped into thinking that you will hold onto these things “just in case.”

#2. How will this look in my new home?

You probably have certain furniture pieces or accessories that will just not work in your new home. It could be furniture that is too big and bulky, or items that simply do not match the décor. Rather than worrying about trying to make these pieces work, get rid of them so you can buy what you really need.

#3. Am I using it now?

We all have stuff we have been holding onto because we might use them someday. In fact, you will probably encounter quite a few of these items when you are packing. If you come across things you are not using now and haven’t utilized in some time, eliminate them. You probably will not use them at your new place either.

#4. Do I really want to move this?

If the answers to the above questions are “yes”, the next thing you should ask yourself is whether or not you really want to move it. Now is the time to decide just how bad you really need this item and how much you truly want to keep it. This is a particularly important question if your new residence is significantly smaller than your current one.

A storage unit from Party Barn Self Storage can be invaluable when decluttering for a move. Once you have gone through your things and packed up the essentials, place them in storage until you are ready to move. Leave your goods in place after relocating so that you can unpack slowly and keep your new home neat and well organized. To find out more, please contact us.

Reduce the Stress of a Move with Moving Storage!

According to researchers, moving is one of the most stressful life events a person can put themselves through.  Stress increases your body’s cortisol production, a key ingredient in the fight or flight mechanism.  Along with the uncertainty of such a life change comes the added expense of a move.  Not only transportation, the expense of purchasing a new home, closing costs, fees, taxes, and the financial challenges associated with buying/selling a new home, but also the other expenses you might not have noticed when you first considered taking that next step in property ownership. Below we’ve created a checklist to help you on your way!

Reduce the Stress of a Move with Moving Storage!

To hire or not to hire?  

When you move, how are you going to get all of your stuff to the new location?  If the last time you moved was in college or just after you were married, chances are you might have been dealing with a mattress, a TV, a second-hand futon, some chairs, and a table.

By the time they are ready to move, most adults have spent years building a life, which means years of accumulated stuff.

  • Antiques
  • Heirlooms
  • Artwork
  • Furniture
  • Beds, bedding, linens, clothing.
  • Shoes.
  • Books
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Pots and pans
  • China and flatware
  • plates, dishes, mugs, cups and glasses.

Many of these things are going to require special attention.  Fragile items will have to be boxed with packing paper or bubble wrap.  You will be surprised just how many boxes it will take to pack something like a cupboard full of dishes or a bookcase full of books.  Those boxes are also expensive, unless you can acquire boxes from another source such as a local grocer or liquor store.  Even still, are you willing to trust your grandmother’s porcelain figurine collection to a box like that?  What about jewelry? Valuables? Firearms?  Ammunition?  How can these be transported safely and legally?

Depending on your budget and the amount of household items you need to move, you might consider hiring a mover.  Services can include actually packing up all of your items into boxes and transporting them to the new location, or simply handling the boxes you have packed yourself.  Obviously, the more the movers have to handle your items, the more it is going to cost you.  A benefit of this is to free up time and allow a professional to efficiently and effectively move your home, yet a drawback of this is these are not things that hold any particular sentimental value for the movers.  Items can and will get broken, so you need to find a mover that has a reputation for being careful with fragile items in a move.

Be sure to check whether or not your mover is insured against lost or damaged items during their service.  A benefit of this is you can recoup the cost of replacing damaged property, whereas you couldn’t expect the same just asking friends or family to help you in a move.  Also, odds are you could potentially injure yourself lifting something heavy or awkward.  You might be better off trusting someone whose profession is just that.  They will know the safest and quickest way to move your belongings.


When you owned your home, you might have overlooked certain things.  A broken doorlatch, a crack in window, a hole in a baseboard.  When you move, you should intend to leave a place better than you found it.  New occupants might even be able to insist that you make these repairs before they take possession.  Minor details and repairs can add up quickly, not only from hiring others to do the work, but also from materials and the time you have to invest if you are doing the repairs yourself.

When you come to your new home, you might find yourself in a similar situation, fixing problems, painting, repairing water damage you might not have noticed before.  The move itself can also leave you with new costly repairs.  A headboard might have caught a wall as it was being moved through a hallway, a couch might have been concealing a hole in the carpet you hadn’t known about, or you might have found your child’s pudding collection from when they were ten, and now they are in college.

Cleaning, repairs, and replacements can become as expensive as they are tedious.

And what about all that extra stuff?  You will need time and a place to put all of it while you are moving if there are delays in switching homes or you are downsizing.  Contact us to consider a storage unit for either short or long-term use to take some of the burden off your move!

More miscellaneous:

A house isn’t just books and beds and furniture.  You also have items in your garage to consider:

  • Ladders
  • gardening equipment
  • deep freezers
  • holiday decorations
  • Unopened boxes from your last move (Pro tip!  Throw them out!)
  • Chemicals
  • Paint
  • Building materials
  • Weight and exercise equipment
  • Automotive parts
  • Hand tools
  • Power tools
  • Woodworking equipment
  • Spare parts for home and auto
  • Pet supplies


When you move, you are going to produce an overabundance of garbage.  Aside from the broken down doghouse you won’t be taking with you, there’s also:

  • Garden fencing
  • Leaves and branches you have trimmed
  • Lawn clippings
  • Compost pile materials that have not broken down
  • Fertilizer (which may even be considered a hazardous material)
  • That barbecue grill you have been meaning to replace or the pieces of that birdhouse you never got around to hanging up again.

With household trash you’ll find:

  • Furnace filters.
  • Empty cleaner bottles.
  • Papers, documents (some of which should be shredded if they can’t be recycled)
  • Bills and receipts
  • broken toys, dishes, appliances
  • Worn and out of date clothing (which can be donated or recycled)
  • Scraps, odds and ends, and the mountain of stuff that has accumulated in that kitchen junk drawer for the last 10 years.
  • Consider which food from your pantry to take and which to pitch.

Moving should be the first step on your next adventure.  Not an experience that experts keep telling you will shorten your life.  Your moving checklist needs to include everything that is important to you.  Whatever you choose to bring is following you into the next part of your life, and everything you throw away or leave behind will no longer be your problem.

Happy moving!

Sell Your House Faster by Getting Storage for Moving

Even if your house is in great condition, there is always a possibility for it not to sell as fast as it could if you don’t clear out the clutter. Getting a storage unit to help you prepare for moving may be one of the most cost effective decisions you’ll ever make.

Sell Your House Faster by Getting Storage for Moving

There are a lot of factors you can’t control when it comes to selling your house. You’re pretty much stuck with the location, and you might not have much influence over your local school district. On the other hand, it’s relatively easy to get organized, and put extra items into storage. Here are a few suggestions that will have the most impact, and get your house ready to show:

Furniture: The next best thing to being able to increase the square footage of your rooms is to make them look bigger. Paring down your furniture will do that. In fact, you might be able to remove just the biggest and heaviest pieces to make your whole house look lighter and more spacious.

Kitchen appliances: Bare counters look so much more attractive. Figure out what appliances and supplies you can’t live without, and store the rest. On the bright side, cutting down on kitchen items will also make it much easier to clean, and you’ll need to keep your house sparkling while the for sale sign is up.

Books: Maybe your overstuffed shelves prove how interesting you are, but your bookcases have to slim down at least temporarily. Buyers need to be able to imagine themselves making this their house. Plus, books can be some of the heaviest things to move so you’ll be grateful later on that you got a head start on this task.

If you need extra storage space for moving or any other reason, contact us at Party Barn Self Storage in Wylie, Texas. You’ll find a wide range of clean and competitively priced storage units.

3 Ways to Keep Your Moving Storage Organized

Moving is always a process, no matter how many times you’ve done it. Many people use moving storage, and this can be a great tool to streamline your move. Like many things, though, you can gain more benefit from it if you go about it in an organized way.

3 Ways to Keep Your Moving Storage Organized

Some people feel a bit intimidated when they hear the word ‘organize’, but our suggestions can actually make things easier for you, and it really doesn’t involve any more work than you already are doing when you move. Here are 3 ways that you can stay more organized and save time throughout your move.

1.) Pack with a purpose.

When you are packing- which you will have to do regardless, it is good to keep similar items together as much as possible, and of course, label all boxes clearly. (It’s good to label the top of the box, and at least one side, so you know what’s in your boxes when they’re stacked.)

When you are packing items that include things you use regularly and others you don’t use on a regular basis, such as clothing or books, it is best to do a separate box just for the less-used items- the books you won’t be reading soon, or the clothes you hardly ever wear- and make sure you label the box as less-used in some way. Some people color code, write a number, or write it all out on the box specifically- whichever works for you and will help you to keep track.

2.) Keep important things accessible.

If you plan on putting some of your regularly used items in storage temporarily, it is good to separate those things from your less-used belongings, once inside the unit. Keep each group together, and make sure any items or boxes containing important things are easily accessible, such as towards the front of the unit, so you save yourself time and frustration when you need to remove them.

3.) Keep track of what is in storage.

You may want to make a list- either electronic or on paper- of what boxes, furniture, or items you will be leaving in storage for a while so you know what is in the unit, and then update the list once something is removed.

After your move, you may come across a situation where you could use something but can’t remember where it is, or if you kept it. This is where keeping track comes in handy. For example, if you wrote down ‘box of clothes too small for Jimmy’ on your list of things in storage, you will know that you have them, and where they’re located. All you have to do is take a run to the storage unit and find the previously labeled box. Keeping track of things will save you from rummaging through random boxes in your new attic or cellar, getting frustrated, and not knowing where your stuff is.

Everyone has things, and when you move, you are dealing with all your things at once. At Party Barn Self Storage, we want to make your life easier when you move. Please contact us, and we will happily assist you with all your storage needs.

How to Use Moving Storage to Alleviate Moving Day Stress

Moving can be stressful and anybody who has moved from house to house knows this is pretty much a given when moving. There is a way you can use moving storage to alleviate some of the stress of moving day.

How to Use Moving Storage to Alleviate Moving Day Stress

  • Pre-Packing – If you feel stressed or anxious when you have boxes sitting all over your home, using a self-storage unit can help. You can transfer a few boxes at a time into storage before the big move date.  Make sure these are things you won’t need straight away. After you have moved you can take your time transferring the boxes back to your new place.
  • Clearing the Clutter – Moving is a great time to get rid of the clutter in your home. However, just throwing things away or even giving them away can be hard. By hiring a moving storage unit, you can put these things away before or during the move. You can then unpack your new house and decide if you are really going to need these things or not.
  • Moving Day Gap – If  you have just sold your house and purchased a new home, there may be a gap between when you have to leave your current home and when you can move into your new home. A self-storage unit is a perfect solution, you can store all of your household items safely and securely until you are ready to move it into the new home.
  • Extra Time – Most moving stress comes from feeling like you have to get everything moved in and unpacked on that one day. If you would prefer to take your time, we can help. You can move what you need straight away into your home, then move the rest into storage. You can then take your time unpacking and setting up your new home without feeling the pressure to get it all done at once.

If you are looking for a moving storage solution to help make your move easier, contact us today at Party Barn Self Storage.

Tips to Consider For Your Moving Storage Needs

Moving is often a stressful experience. Taking all of your possessions from one location to another is challenging, especially if you don’t have as much space in your new place. Another issue that many people face is selling their home and not having a place to store items until they find a new home. One simple solution to such dilemma is to rent space at a self-storage facility. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to help you solve your moving storage needs.

Tips to Consider For Your Moving Storage Needs

  • Find a facility in a convenient location. If you’re planning a long-distance move, it’s often easier to choose a self-storage facility closer to your future home rather than the one you’re leaving. This will make it simple to transfer items from storage to your new place.
  • Always inspect the facility before making a choice. Make sure the facility and storage units are clean. The area should have good lighting in case you have to transfer items after dark. You should also ask the owner or manager about security. Modern facilities provide keypad access to the grounds.
  • Pack everything securely and mark all boxes. Pack your belongings in sturdy, new boxes. Secure them with masking tape. Some self-storage facilities sell these items. Always mark boxes so you won’t forget what’s inside.
  • Place items in your storage unit with care. Your goal is to make it easy to retrieve items in the future. Stack boxes neatly and according to categories such as cookware, linens, books, etc. If everything is an undifferentiated mess, it will make things harder when you want to find something.

To find the best self-storage solutions in Wylie, Texas contact us.